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Case Studies



Madiha is assisted by a hospital attendant to contact the Halo Project and a report is made to the police on her behalf. Madiha had been admitted to hospital following an incident of HBV. We learnt that she had been suffering from ongoing HBV, since arriving in the UK from Pakistan ten years previously. Madiha’s husband and family were angry that Madiha, in all this time had not fallen pregnant.

The information relayed from the 101 services was that Madiha must report the crime herself, which would then allow a police officer to come out to see her, at the hospital.

A member of our advocacy staff contacted the HBV unit of the local police force and an officer with specialist HBV training came to see Madiha. Working with the police officers we removed Madiha safely from the hospital to a suitable refuge and retrieved her belongings from the family home.

Madiha spoke no English and therefore could not have reported the crime through the 101 services herself. Whilst staying at the refuge she was given constant emotional support from Halo support staff, and once ready to move on, we continued to provide emotional support as well as counselling, group activities with our own ‘Circle of Friends’ and continued advocacy to keep her confidence and morale levels up after leaving a very traumatic situation.