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Definition of Honour Based Violence

Honour based violence and abuse can take many forms, e.g. threatening behaviour, assault, rape, kidnap, abduction, forced abortion, threats to kill and false imprisonment committed due to so called ‘honour’. Murders in the name of ‘so-called’ honour, (often called Honour killings) are murders in which predominantly women are killed for actual or perceived immoral behaviour which is deemed to have brought shame on the family. Some examples nationally of honour based murders have been for trivial reasons for example, dressing or behaving too westernised, falling in love with somebody not chosen by their family, rejecting forced marriage or being LGBT.

The Halo Project will provide the essential training required to support staff so that they have an understanding of the cultural issues to be able to deal with cases effectively. We will also look to educate the community about honour based violence to change attitudes and put a stop to this abuse.