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Need Help with Honour Based Violence 

The Halo Project will support you by providing:

Access to non-judgmental, understanding advisers who will listen to your story and give you the space to express your thoughts and feelings.

Direct contact with the HBV units within your local Police Force where specially trained officers will intervene if you are at immediate risk.

Advice on what your options are, to help you move forward with your life safely, free to make choices without emotional or physical harm.

Protection and preservation of your right to choose whilst respecting your cultural identity.

Our project coordinator, advocates, support staff and volunteers will ensure you are helped to make choices that are true to you.

Activities that will help you to overcome the abuse you have faced.

Advocacy to ensure agencies are aware of the complexities of each unique situation and that victims are protected within their chosen environments.

Non-judgmental, emotional and practical support to get you through your situation whatever you choose to do.

Appropriate links with relevant non-government agencies and organisations that provide emergency and non-emergency services to victims to ensure they have the fullest package of care.

Total confidentiality and only sharing the information YOU want us to share unless your life is at risk by not sharing it.